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AIRE LockerBoox™

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Full size locker are unnecessary, taking too much space and not convenience

Your precious possessions are too valuable to leave in plain sight. Dangers are everywhere, even in your own home, dorm or hotel rooms. 

Why leave your safety to luck and hope that it won’t happen to you? Take fate in your own hand and get safe with LockerBoox™ 

This cleverly designed security system is perfect for people who want the convenience and style of a regular bookcase, but also want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their belongings are perfectly safe and secure in the book.

Made of high-quality materials and a strong locking mechanism, rest assured that your belongings are well-protected.

Your cash, personal device, and other secrecy items are not safe with dangers lying around everywhere. It could be strangers with bad intention, irrespectable colleges or just siblings with no personal spaces whatsoever..

Wise man one said “Thiefs don’t read and reader don’t steal”. The best place to store your precious belongings is where they won’t even have a thought of touching on. Nowhere is safer than inside an English dictionary this big. When were the last time you saw someone open a dictionary? Me neither *wink*

Tradition locker: Big, Heavy, inconvenience and way too obvious.

LockerBoox™: Aesthetic, Easy to store, cost way less than tradition locker, and actually look like a real book.

Tired of siblings coming into your room and “borrow” your stuffs? We got your back!

With LockerBoox, your precious are perfectly safe where they wouldn’t even bother to look at.